This Regulation on joint participation in target programs of the International Consumer Cooperative "Massiv", established and functioning in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation of 19.06.1992 N 3085-1 “On Consumer Cooperatives (Consumer Societies and Unions) in the Russian Federation” (hereinafter - Cooperative) determines the procedure and conditions under which the Cooperative, being the initiator, organizer and payment agent of the program, grants individuals who are residents of any state and members of the Cooperative the right to participate in the Target Programme on the conditions provided for by these Regulations.

1. Terms and defenitions:

In this Program, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings and are an integral part of it:
Cooperative – International Consumer Cooperative "Massiv" (ICC "Massiv") Shareholder - a member of the Cooperative, a natural or legal person, Russian or foreign, who contributed to the Cooperative in the prescribed manner and amount. Program participant – shareholder participating in the economic and investment activities of the Cooperative exclusively within the framework of this program. Target share - contribution of a member of the Cooperative for the acquisition of a share in a specific Business Project as part of the implementation of this Program. Business project – the structural unit of the Program, offering Participants the acquisition of material values (objects of movable and immovable property) or intellectual property (copyright) in order to obtain consumer benefits from their use in economic activity. Share in Business project – a combination of the Participant's Target Shares, which determine the amount of the participation (the number of shares) in a particular Business Project under this Program. Cooperative Trust – it is formed from target share payments of participants and is intended to finance the implementation of business projects under this Program. Personal cabinet – section (web page) on the official website of the Cooperative, containing statistical information about the current state of the shareholding and personal accounts of the Program Member and financial flows within the framework of the implementation of this Program, as well as additional reference information. Shareholding account (points) – a section in your account that displays the total amount of target shares of the Program member. Bonus account – a section in your personal cabinet that displays the amount of the accrued cooperative payment (consumer benefit), which the Participant can manage at its discretion, including withdrawing from the Program in physical or monetary terms. Referral – invited member of the Program, registered on the recommendation of another member (Referrer). Cooperative (consumer) benefit – benefit from the Cooperative operation in the process of implementing a Business Project, distributed among the participants in proportion to their share in the Business Project. Royalties – monetary remuneration to the author and developer of the Business Project based on the actual economic result of its implementation. Crowdfunding – collective collaboration of people who voluntarily pool their money or other resources together to support the efforts of other people or organizations. Marketplace – an e-commerce platform that provides information about a product or service of third parties whose operations are processed by the marketplace operator. Overall, Marketplace is an optimized online platform for delivering products and services. Guest (website) – a user who is logged in and is not authorized in the system. Registered user – user registered in the system that does not have the package. Active user – user who has any package. Login – the word that will be used to enter the site or service. Structure - a graphical display of a multi-level user system, reflecting "genealogical" links between users. The structure by personal invitations (Structure by invitations) - a tree-like hierarchical structure built on the basis of sponsorship. The user takes a position in the structure of personal invitations immediately after registration. Personal volume (PV) – The amount of purchases of website products by the user. Group volume (GV) – The amount of purchases of website products by the user and its structure. Sponsor / Referrer – user, with the help or recommendation of which another user (s) were registered using a special referral link with a unique number. Provides information support and training for the people attracted by him. Level (line) – a concept denoting the level (location) of the user's placement in relation to his sponsor or superior mentor (sponsor of the sponsor). Reporting period – operation period. Qualification – a set of requirements, compliance with which determines the transfer of the user to the next step of the company's career ladder or the receipt of any special reward Personal cabinet – section of the site, which is accessed by username and password.

2. General regulations.

2.1. This Regulation on the target consumer program (hereinafter - the Program) is developed for the purpose of mastering, increasing and accumulating capital of participants through activities not related to their business activities.

2.2. Achieving the objectives of the Program is carried out through the collective participation of shareholders in Business projects. The priority of projects being implemented is determined by the decision of the Chairman of the Cooperative Council, which, when making a decision, takes into account the relevance of the project, innovation, economic efficiency, social significance, political and financial risks safety. The shareholder also has the opportunity to join the Business Project of the Cooperative open for free accession by the decision of the Chairman of the Cooperative Council.

2.3. Each Business project has the following mandatory characteristics:

  • Business Project name;
  • Business Project purpose;
  • Business Project launch date;
  • maximum fixed number of shares in the Business Project available for purchase;
  • source of the formation of the consumer benefit of the Business Project;
  • Business project agent (legal or natural person responsible for the formation of consumer benefits in the process of implementing a business project);
  • fixed or planned monthly consumer benefit size per 1 share in a Business Project;
  • list of property used for the implementation of the Business project;
  • reporting period for the calculation of consumer benefits;
  • author and developer of Business Project.

These characteristics are displayed in the Public Offer, which is an integral part of these Regulations and is approved by the decision of the Chairman of the Cooperative Council. The effect of the public offer must be at least 3 months from the date of publication of the program on the website of the Cooperative.

2.4. As part of the implementation of the Business Project, the Cooperative invests money in the acquisition of immovable and movable property, the acquisition of shares in the authorized capital of companies, shares of joint-stock companies and options of commercial organizations, the issuance of investment and targeted loans to persons engaged in commercial activities, participation in investment activities, by making investment contributions, including for the purpose of acquiring rights to participate in the distribution of profits of invested persons or acquisitions in their own the capacity of the Cooperative of the property created by the investee, the purchase and installation of equipment, the work of hired professionals, as well as other capital and non-capital expenditures necessary for the implementation and normal operation of the Business Project.

2.5. The Program presented further operates within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Cooperative Charter regulations, other regulations of the Cooperative, in the case of organizing activities on the territory of other states - under the laws of the state in which the activity is carried out and on the basis of acts of interstate relations with the Russian Federation.

2.6. The target contributions transferred by the participant may be used by the Cooperative for statutory, business and entrepreneurial activities that correspond to the Charter goals, objectives and rules established in the framework of the implementation of this Program. Under the terms of the Public Offer, the composition of the contribution is reflected, including its refundable and non-refundable parts.

3. Terms of participation in the Program.

3.1. Any Cooperative Shareholder can become a Program Member. The condition for participation in this program is the obligatory familiarization of the participant with the Program Regulations, the Public Offer of the Business Project and his acceptance of all the rules of the Program established in these regulations. When the Shareholder makes a payment of a target contribution under this Target Program, he is considered acquainted with all the terms and conditions of the Program and cannot be further referred to his lack of sufficient information to make an informed decision on participation in this Target Program.

3.2. The program is implemented through a number of target projects (Business projects), the number of shares of which and the amount of accrual of consumer benefits for each share is determined and adopted by the Chairman of the Cooperative Council, and approved by the relevant Decision.

3.2. The proposal to participate in the Business Project (Business Projects) under this Program is made through the Public Offer posted on the official website of the Cooperative, or sent to the Participant at his email address.

3.3. The content of the Public Offer characterizing the conditions for participation in the Business Project is approved by the Chairman of the Cooperative Council.

3.4. To participate in the Program, the Shareholder of the Cooperative submits an Application to the Cooperative to participate in the Program, providing information necessary for the registration procedure in the Program. The application can be submitted in writing, or in electronic form to the postal email address of the Cooperative, as well as on the official website of the Cooperative, by filling out the appropriate form or upon accepting the form of payment of the target share.

3.5. The target contribution for participation in the Program is set for each Business Project individually.

3.6. In case of early withdrawal of target share contributions (contribution), participation in the program is fixed if at least one share in the Business project is placed on the share account.

3.7. The target shares accepted by the Cooperative from the participants are transferred to the Share Fund of the Business Project (according to the application submitted by the participant for making the target share contribution), where they are distributed in the manner described in each investment project.

3.8. The term of participation in this Program for the Participant is set from the date of receipt of the participant’s target contribution to the Cooperative’s current account and lasts for the duration of the Program. In the event that a member of the Cooperative Program participant dies, his legal successors have the right to inherit a share (share in a Business Project) placed on a shareholding account and cooperative payments at the end of the current reporting period. In this case, at the end of the reporting period, the share at the request of the Cooperative Council is withdrawn from the share account to the personal account in the personal cabinet and, together with the cooperative payments, is subject to withdrawal to the personal account in any bank as instructed by the Successor of the Cooperative Shareholder, then the participant (his heirs) complete participation in the Program. The end of the Program is set by the decision of the Cooperative Council and the participants are informed about it within 30 calendar days by email and in the personal account.

3.9. When transferring a part of the target contribution to the indivisible fund of the Cooperative, the payment of this part is made only by assignment of rights to shares in the Business Project at the expense of the Assignee. The terms of the transfer of the rights of the Payer-Assistant and the Payer-Assignee are established independently, the Assignee must notify the Cooperative of the transfer of rights. In the event when the notification of the assignment of rights is not made on the day of the transaction, the shareholders who have committed the transaction assume the risk of payments of the cooperative benefit to the improper person. In the event of liquidation of the Cooperative, the right to an indivisible fund shall be transferred to the assignee in accordance with the procedure established by law.

4. Implementation of the investment program and the distribution of profits.

4.1. The obtained cooperative benefit under the Program is distributed among the Participants in proportion to their Share in the Business Project.

4.2. The size of the monthly cooperative benefit for a share in each Business project is determined by the Chairman of the Cooperative Council and is fixed in the Public Offer for the implementation of the Business - project.

5. Early withdrawal from the Program.

5.1. The transfer by a member of the Cooperative of its target share contributions to a physical or legal person who is not a member of the Cooperative is allowed only with the consent of the Chairman of the Cooperative.

5.2. In the event of early termination of participation in this Program at the stage of calculating cooperative payments, the Cooperative shall return the target share contribution (set of target contributions) according to the procedure specified in clauses 5.3. to withdraw a participant from this Program, the Participant sends an application for withdrawal from the Program to the Council of the Cooperative through the service in the Personal Account. The Cooperative Council reviews the application for termination of participation in the Program within 10 (ten) working days from the date it was received by the Cooperative Council. The Cooperative returns the share (aggregate of shares) to the Participant, completing its participation in this Program within ninety (90) working days from the date of consideration of the participant's application to withdraw from the Cooperative by the Cooperation Council.

5.3. In case of early termination of participation in the Program, all funds from participation in the Program, including the target share contribution (a set of target share contibutions), taking into account paragraph 3.9. of these Regulations are withdrawn from the Program to the Member’s personal bank account. The return of the share in the Business Project takes place without accrual of the cooperative payment for the outstanding reporting period. In the event that there is at least one amount (of funds) multiple to share in the Business Project, the Participant continues to participate in the Program on the general rights of the Program participant.

6. Obligations of the Parties.

6.1. In order to implement this Regulation on the Program, the Participant undertakes:
abide by the rules of the Regulation,
do not take actions to discredit the Cooperative and / or the Program,
bear material and intellectual responsibility for the losses incurred by the Cooperative and the Program due to deliberate actions in the event that the Participant disclosed confidential information (trade secret) of the Cooperative that became known to him during the execution of this Regulation and violating the Charter and / or the Regulation on the Cooperative Program, as well as in the case of reputational harm to the Cooperative.

6.2. In order to implement this Regulation, the Cooperative undertakes:

accept target contributions to the Cooperative’s current account, or to the Cooperative’s cashier from Program Participants;
keep the register of Program Participants,
to search and attract effective partners - agents for the implementation of the Program governing in this Regulation,
to carry out organizational, partner, control and other activities with agents, executors of the Program,
when the Participant fulfills the conditions of the Regulation, accrue cooperative payments in accordance with clause 4.2. of this Regulation.

6.3. The cooperative shall not be liable for the obligations of the Participant to third parties, including obligations for the calculation and payment of any duties, fees, taxes, obligations to creditors of the Participant and other payments.

7. Circumstances of force majeure.

7.1. The parties are exempt from liability for complete or partial failure to perform (improper performance) of obligations under the Regulations if this failure to perform (improper performance) was the result of force majeure circumstances that arose after the signing of the Regulations.

7.2. In case of force majeure circumstances, the deadline for the Parties to fulfill their obligations under the Regulations shall be postponed in proportion to the time during which such circumstances apply.

7.3. The Party for which the impossibility of fulfilling its obligations under the Provision has been created must, within three working days from the date of occurrence of such circumstances, notify the other Party in writing of the occurrence, the expected period of validity and termination of the specified circumstances.

7.4. If the impossibility of complete or partial fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations under the Regulations as a result of force majeure circumstances exists for more than one month, then each of the Parties has the right to terminate the relationship described in the Regulations. At the same time, none of the Parties shall acquire the right to compensation for losses caused by such termination.

8. Dispute resolution.

8.1. The parties will take all necessary measures to resolve any disputes through negotiations.

8.2. Disputes between the Parties that are not resolved through negotiation shall be subject to complaint procedure. Claims (statements, complaints and other appeals of this kind, hereinafter collectively referred to as “claims”) are sent by the Parties to each other by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, scanned image of the claim on paper - by email, express mail or handed to the other Party personally the list, with the use of the postal address of the Participant indicated in the Register of Program Participants and the postal address of the Cooperative indicated in this Regulation.

8.3. Claims are considered: Cooperative - no later than thirty days, the Participant - no later than fifteen days from the date of receipt. When considering a claim, the Cooperative is entitled to request additional documents and information from the applicant (hereinafter referred to as the “applicant”), while the period for consideration of the claim is extended by the period of provision of documents, but not more than ten working days.

8.4. The cooperative does not consider anonymous claims, i.e. not containing information about the name (surname, name, patronymic) or location of the applicant (registration address).

8.5. A claim may be left without consideration by the Cooperative if it is resubmitted, i.e. it does not contain new data, and all the arguments set forth in it were previously fully and objectively considered, and the applicant was answered. At the same time, the complainant is sent a notice of leaving the claim without consideration, with reference to the answer given earlier.

8.6. Disputes that are not resolved in the framework of the implementation of this Program through negotiations are subject to resolution in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the relevant bodies located at the location of the Cooperative.

9. Change in Reguation.

9.1. The cooperative is entitled to unilaterally change the terms of the Regulations (Program) in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter of the Cooperative, notifying the participant through any source of information, including via email, SMS message and in the participant’s personal cabinet on the website of the Cooperative.

9.2. The Participant undertakes to regularly (at least once a week) visit the Website of the Cooperative and his personal office in order to ensure familiarization with a possible revocation, amendment, addition to the Regulation and the Program, and solely bears all the risks in full due to non-performance or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this clause of the Regulations.

9.3. If the Participant disagrees with the new version of the Regulations (Program), he is obliged to notify the Cooperative by sending a corresponding message through the personal account or via e-mail to the Cooperative within ten calendar days from the date of publication of the new version of the Regulations (Program). In the absence of such notice or receipt of the notice later than the date specified in this clause, it is considered that the Participant agrees and approves the new version of the Regulations (Program).

10. Remote interaction.

10.1. The Cooperative and the Participant exchange information through the official website of the Cooperative and e-mail.

10.2. The cooperative guarantees the accuracy of the information posted on the official website.

10.3. The Cooperative and the Participant acknowledge all legal actions executed through electronic documents on the Official Website of the Cooperative, made in writing, and agree not to dispute the legality and validity of these actions solely on the basis that they are made in electronic form.

10.4. The Cooperative and the Participant honor the confidentiality of information relating to passwords, identifiers, account status, as well as electronic documents of the Participant, which becomes available to the Cooperative in connection with the performance of its functions for the implementation of this program.

10.5. Mutual Notification by the Participant and the Cooperative, including sending letters, applications, complaints, suggestions, through a resource on the Official Website or through an e-mail address, shall be deemed to be duly executed.

11. Affiliate (partnership) program

11.1. An Affiliate program is a consistent set of marketing activities for Targeted programs, products and / or services of the Cooperative over time, defining marketing goals and proposing strategies to achieve them.

11.2. Users, registered in the system can participate in the Cooperative Affiliate program.

11.3. A detailed description of the Affiliate program is placed in the personal account of a registered participant in the project.

12. Engagement period.

12.1. This Regulation enters into force upon its approval by the decision of the General Meeting of the Cooperative and is valid until the moment of its termination or change by the decision of the General Meeting of the Cooperative.